We Do?

We aim to maximize client benefits and be the strongest ally for their financial well-being.


24 Global Multi Asset Fund and 24 Global Arbitrage Fund are the sub funds of 24 Capital Management SICAV PLC.

24 Funds and SICAV are incorporated under the Laws of Malta in terms of the Investment Services Act and ISA Regulations.

To invest in client funds, our sub funds will use the financial instruments listed below:

24 Global Multi Asset Fund:

Global and Local Equities
Short-term Bonds
Money Market Instruments
Units in other Investment Funds

24 Global Arbitrage Fund:

Major and Exotic Currency Pairs
Government and Corporate Bonds
Money Market Instruments
Units in other Investment Funds


24 partners with
experienced service
providers who pioneer in
their related fields.




The nature of asset management is to manage business digitally. So with our team, we have highly flexible systems and processes, which help our team to work remotely and maintain trading services to our investors. We have been in close contact with our key partners regarding business continuity efforts.

The welfare of our team is extremely significant to our Company, and since the outbreak of COVID-19 we have already encouraged all our team to work from their home or alternative locations in a safe way. Working remotely has been smooth therefore our key investor satisfaction remains same without facing with any difficulties. The system, service and execution of trades continues to work strong and properly. Our trading volume did not affect extremely because the brokers we work with promise to work as usual and continue to maintain our trading standards.
We are also aware of the extreme market conditions such as volatility, pricing, spreads, swaps and liquidity from the beginning. So, we can take some proactive decisions to maintain our well-being and to protect our clients in such market conditions. We know how important our services we provide to our investors and want to reassure the investors of our continuous service to them.

We also stopped all international travel and informed our team to remain safe and aware of the consequences. We are following the guidance of the Government and World Health Organization (WHO) policies. This is an unprecedented time for all of us, and the situation continues to evolve every day, so we are following closely and update our measures and approach to our business.